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Doué la Fontaine

Discover the rich culture and landmarks of Doué la Fontaine !



Visit Doué la Fontaine and surrounding area during your stay at the Auberge de la Rose.  "Cave au Sarcophage" is a unique site in Europe where you  can learn about the men who lived underground and their ingenuity.  
Also visit the "Cave auc Champignons" a 16th century trodlodytic gallery which was transformed into a mushroom cave in the 20th century.  Oyster mushrooms, wood blewits and many other types of mushrooms grow here.
The Rose
Doué la Fontaine is the largest producer of roses in Europe.  You can walk around numerous rose gardens, such as Parc du Chemin de la Rose, one of the prettiest rose gardens in Europe or discover the manufacturing process of rose water in the Terre de Rose distillery.
Auberge de la Rose

Auberge de la Rose